The Institute is governed by an Executive Committee comprising 10 members elected from the membership at large. Elections are held annually with one half of the Executive Committee retiring each year. Executive members can serve a maximum of ten years on the Committee before they must step down from office for at least one year.

The Executive Committee elects each year from within its membership a President and Deputy President. They serve in office for one year and although not mandated in the Constitution, past convention holds that Presidents retire from office after serving two years.

Within the Executive one position is allocated to a representative elected directly from the South West Branch. This appointment is also for a two year term and is determined by a vote of the South West Branch Committee.

In addition the Immediate Past President continues on the Executive as a non-voting member for the two years following his retirement from office as President.

Elections are held at the beginning of the year and members wishing to become involved on the Executive are invited to contact the Division’s Executive Manager.

Responsibilities of the Executive Committee

Part 3 Clause 35 a) of IPWEA-WA’s Constitution vests responsibility for all matters relating to the control and management of IPWEA-WA in the Executive Committee.Incorporating these broad powers with established principles of effective corporate governance, the Executive Committee’s primary role is to govern the successful operation of IPWEA-WA through the Executive Manager.

While this includes responsibility for defining Policy and setting the overall strategic directions of IPWEA-WA, it does not include responsibility for running or managing the business affairs of IPWEA-WA.
All such operational matters remain the responsibility of the Executive Manager of IPWEA-WA. The Members of the Executive Committee have ultimate responsibility for the success of IPWEA-WA.
Their principal focus and responsibilities relate to proper and considered deliberations and decision-making relating to:

• major policy issues;

• the strategic directions of IPWEA-WA;

• sustainable financial operations; and,

• matters involving legal compliance.

Executive Committee Meetings

The Executive meets bi-monthly usually on the first Thursday of the month commencing at 3 p.m. Members are welcome to attend these meetings and are requested to advise the Divisional office in advance.

Meeting dates for the current year are:

Executive Committee

Thursday 23 February

Thursday 11 May

Thursday 13 July

Thursday 7 September

Thursday 2 November

Thursday 7 December



Wednesday 29 March

Thursday 22 June

Thursday 21 September

Thursday 7 December


Executive Meeting Minutes

Minutes of recent Executive meetings are posted on the website in our document directory.

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Past Presidents

Dick Chamberlain (Inaugural) 1970 and 1971
George Bray 1972 and 1973
Amos Machlin 1974 and 1975
Kent McDowall 1976
Phil Bombak 1977 and 1978
Frank Bryant 1979 and 1980
John Bonker 1981 and 1982
Russell Candy 1983 and 1984
Laurie Piggott 1985 and 1986
Gavin Watters 1987 and 1988
Ray Tame 1989 and 1990
Ross Moody 1991 and 1992
Michael Foley 1993
Michael Foley 1993 and 1994
Michael Klyne 1995 and 1996
Ian Campbell 1997 and 1998
David Harris 1999
David Harris 2000
Allan Claydon 2001 and 2002
Alex Sheridan 2003 and 2004
Silvio Trinca 2005 and 2006
Martyn Glover 2007 and 2008
Terry Blanchard 2009 and 2010
Anthony Vuleta 2011 and 2012
Stephen Bell 2013
Doug Pearson 2013 and 2014
Alan Millard 2015 and 2016